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Successful Women: Discover The Secret to Creating More Success, Fulfillment & Freedom with Less Efforting

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Lisa guides successful women to accelerate their success by upleveling their clientele and compensation so they can work less and have more time for the things they love.

Lisa is a Soul Path Activator, Oracle & Guide. She helps successful feminine difference-makers unlock their potential, accelerate their success, freedom and fulfillment so they can thrive from a state of flow. Her unique 3-phase process helps you restructure, recalibrate and reset revealing your deeper gifts as you break free from patterns that hold you back.


As the embodiment of the Diamond Light Codes, Lisa activates the remembrance of your true mission on earth and opens the door so you can access clear answers from within. This approach has made her a sought-after resource for those looking for a new way to move past their plateau and achieve outcomes with ease.


Lisa brings 30+ professional years as an innovative leader, business consultant, mentor and therapist. Her 15 years of study in ancient mystery school teachings and metaphysical philosophy are merged with 10 years of online marketing, branding & visibility- bringing powerful creative processes to her work. 


Lisa’s a multiple bestselling author, speaker, seer and internationally recognized in the areas of business, self-empowerment and awakening consciousness. 

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It is every difference maker's right to thrive in flow as they align to their soul potential!

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